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Terms of Payment & Agreement

  • Intent of Procurement:

    • Your intention to acquire goods/services from KRP Sportswear.
    • The binding obligation to adhere to the payment terms outlined in the associated invoice.
  • Understanding of Repercussions:

    • Acknowledgment and acceptance of potential repercussions, including late fees or engagement of debt collection agencies for payment lapses.
  • Copyrights and Permissions:

    • Assurance of possessing necessary permissions and licenses for any copyrighted or trademarked logos and artworks provided or requested.
    • Granting KRP Sportswear the right to reproduce and adapt these for current or subsequent orders.
  • Indemnification:

    • Acknowledgment that KRP Sportswear, its employees, and suppliers shall remain indemnified against liabilities, losses, or claims arising from breaches or unauthorized use of trademarked or copyrighted reproductions.
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