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Payment Terms

KRP Sportswear Production and Payment Guidelines:

The initiation of any production process is contingent upon the full completion of the respective order form and the receipt of the stipulated initial deposit.
This deposit not only sets the production process in motion but also defines the expected turnaround time for the respective order. Outstanding balances are expected to be cleared within a 7-day window from the time of invoicing unless a prior mutual agreement has been reached. Delays in payment can potentially lead to the imposition of late charges or necessitate the involvement of debt collection agencies.

Terms of Agreement and Acknowledgment:

By affixing your signature to this order form, you unequivocally confirm:

  • Your intention to procure goods/services from KRP Sportswear and the binding obligation to adhere to the payment terms as outlined in the associated invoice.
  • Understanding and acceptance of the potential repercussions, including late fees or the engagement of debt collection agencies, in the event of a payment lapse.
  • Assurance of possessing the requisite permissions and licenses for any copyrighted or trademarked logos and artworks you provide or request.
  • Furthermore, you grant KRP Sportswear and its representatives the right to reproduce and adapt these for current or subsequent orders.
  • Acknowledgment that KRP Sportswear, along with its employees and suppliers, shall remain indemnified against any liabilities, losses, or claims arising from breaches or unauthorized use of trademarked or copyrighted reproductions.

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