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Kick It Touch is a blend of Rugby League and traditional touch footy. Although the skills and rules are close to those of league, this is a non-contact form of the game where the emphasis is on running, kicking, passing, agility and above all, having fun with your mates.

We have a strong focus on skill development with the ability to play without fear of injuries from heavy contact and tackles. It’s about striving to create a competition with a culture developed on enjoyment and a social atmosphere.

Not only is Kick It a great mixed sport, we also encourage mens teams to enter the competition. In the future we hope to provide separate men’s, women’s, mixed and junior competitions Australia wide.

Forget the boring offseason, Kick It helps to develop essential skills and fitness for use both in rugby league and other sports. Playing Kick It games during or at the end of a competitive football season is a great way to maintain top fitness levels and improve skills.

Kick It Touch Football is a game that offers an opportunity for those of all shapes, sizes and skills to make new friends and share experiences with other football fanatics. Join our competition and enjoy the laughs and friendship that not only supporting but playing football can bring!

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