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All of our touch football products have been tried and extensively peer-reviewed to ensure that not only do you have the best fit, but the best comfort and quality too. All of our touch football on-field & off-field teamwear is made with 100% polyester ranging from 145-300gsm using high-quality fabrics and stitching patterns. Our off-field headwear and footwear are created with 100% cotton and are designed to navigate through all weather conditions. All of our touch football products are built to last and are designed to fit any climate to keep you cool in the fast-paced game of touch.

  • 145-300GSM High Quality Fabrics

  • Multiple fabric options available

  • All products peer-reviewed and quality assurance tested

  • On & off-field made from 100% Polyester

Soccer Templates

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      Custom Design

      When it comes to designing a jersey, we understand the need for the tiny details to be perfect so that you are left satisfied with the result; in fact, this is one of the many reasons that we started Kropp Sport.

      Now with our creative team of illustrators and designers, we are able to provide unlimited possibilities for your design.

      Our sports specialist designers spend their time researching the latest trends and styles in the sports apparel universe and have access to over 200 million colour combinations from our colour chart to ensure that every project gets a unique touch.

      A major part of our creative team is our illustrators who work tirelessly to bring your ideas to life and give you a statement piece for your order. Everything from cartoon tequila bottles to Ronald McDonald throwing a goosey, our illustration staff will add the finishing touches to your project.


      Cultural representation has played an important role in sports over many years and has come in varying shapes and sizes. In 1888, The New Zealand representative rugby team would perform the first ever pre-game haka that would become a staple of the nation’s pregame traditions. Since then, we have seen the introduction of ceremonial tribal dances and cultural art from Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Torres Strait Islands, PNG & many more that honour their abundant history.

      Cultural art is heavily featured on sportswear today, whether it be at the representative level or the grass roots; cultural art has become a staple in many sports. We understand that when incorporating your cultural art into a design it is important to source reputable artists like indigenous artist Sean Kinchela and Tā moko artist Pappy Walters who can provide a level of detail that is second to none.  

      If you’re interested in creating a cultural piece, get into contact with us today!

      Off-Field Products

      If you’re looking at supporting in style, we have plenty of off-field sportswear designed for coolness. Products include Sports polos, Team supporter jerseys, hoodies, jackets, and more! 

      If you are interested in any of these products, enquire today!

      Got a design in mind? Or maybe you liked one of your pre-made designs?
      Get in touch with us today so we can bring your ideas to life!

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